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Aromancy Perfume Oracle

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About the Perfume Oracle:


Reflect on your past able you to accept the present, only then you can navigate yourself to the desired point in the future.


Aromancy Perfume Oracle is a tool of divination much like Tarot, a set of 29 Natural Perfumes that relate to different stages of your life.


You will be surprised how you are connected with the plant world. The wisdom to survive and prosper despite their inability to move can help us to know and accept the truth that there are things we can not change, and that give us the power to change things only we can ourselves.

Perfume Oracle Reading:

The reading require two simple steps. First you smell each one in order by elements. This should only take 10-15 minutes. Reading is done based on your choice of perfumes' story. Fast, concise version need only 15-20 minutes, or longer if you want to focus on changes necessary for the future.

Learn to Give Perfume Oracle Reading

Oracle Study Guide, and Oracle Cards are available free of charge. 

The 24 page document contain necessary information about the foundation and concept behind the creation of the Oracle. It is the amalgamation of various spiritual schools, mainly from the traditional oriental medicine.

The on-line Oracle Cards let you access the information on all  29 perfumes.

Pictomancy - Online Oracle Reading

Pictomancy works an online client intake form as well as to let you familiarize the thinking behind the Oracle Perfume.