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Aromancy Session 


Welcome to the World of Aromatic Treasures.

Ancients have learned the quality of plants from their

form, colour, and scents to advance their culture. 

Of our five senses, touch, taste, seeing, hearing, smell,

the sense of smell is said to be connected

directly to the primal emotion. 

Scents can bring a memory of past beyond time and space

and allow us to reconnect with the self. 

Likes and dislikes from a smell is

always right because it is instinctive.

Aromancy therapists' job is to connect your answer

to the message from plants and recreate your own story.

Aromancy creates a perfume chosen out of 185 natural

essential oils that changes your consciousness instantly.

Because I would like that you explore the aromatic treasures

to your hearts' content, and be happy with the answer

you get and enjoy the resulting perfume,

please allow 3-5 hours of consultation time.

Fee: 35000 yen

including   Aroma Spray 30ml + Aroma Oil 5ml  


Session Flow



Tao - Yin & Yang



Five Elements


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