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3 Omiki & Cacao Ceremony

Enjoy yourself in contact with the power of plant aromatics.

Son. 14.08.2022

18 - 20:30 ur


3 Omiki & Cacao Ceremony

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Aromancy's Amazake & Cacao ceremony offers you a chance to immerse yourself in the world of plant aromatics and to share our experiences and life themes within a safe environment of circle.

We will offer Omiki (Traditional Japanese fermented rice drink) and/or Cacao (also fermented drink) as offering to the mother earth. They help us to be grounded while scents elevate us, allowing us to be in a place of meditation.

Price: € 45
(Oracle Reading + Workshop = €60)(Oracle Workshop + Ceremony = €80)(All three events = €100)

Location: Riederbergstr. 85 65193 Wiesbaden

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