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01 Justice - 正香

01 Justice - 正香

A perfume that expresses your originality.

Enneagram of Personality #1

Intention - I am a perfectionist and I love to do good.

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Scent Character
Symbolising yin and yang with sunflower and lotus, it became a formula with a strong axis.

Personalty Traits

Fire Element - Enneagram Type 1 - Divine Self

Characteristic role - Reformer, Perfectionist

Ego fixation - Resentment

Holy idea - Perfection

Basic fear - Corruptness, imbalance, being bad

Basic desire - Goodness, integrity, balance

Temptation - Hypocrisy, hypercriticism

Vice/Passion - Anger

Virtue - Serenity

This formula supports Heart and Throat Chakras→

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Explained in Yin-Yang Five Element

Justice - Enneagram #1

Fire Element - Wood Element Tendency - Divine Self

Period of Personality Imprint - Pre-birth, Timeless

Five Questions (Existential) -
Who Are You?

Five Questions (Idealistic) -
Q. Who do you think you are born to be? What do you love?
A. I am a reformer. I love perfection.

A Few Words about the Condition.

Fire is the source of life. It creates and transforms, it turns invisible into visible, consciousness into physical reality.

The emotion relating to Fire element is "joy". It is a positive emotion, but excess can turns to aggression, impatience, and impulsive actions.

The etherial (spiritual) Fire is the consciousness that knows who you are, and physical Fire (Heart) circulates four other elements, using them as the tool to manifest the consciousness into tangible reality.

Heart's pair organ Small Intestine separate and absorb nutrients from what it receives. On the energetic side it separates good from evil.

Fire Elements' nine perfumes are created based on the description by Enneagram of Personalities. What you pick may or may not seem to fit your personality, at least to your own knowledge.

It is because your personality is influenced by all your experiences in this realm. After making olfactory choices from each element, see that your combination of choice perfumes would lead naturally to your Fire Element choice.

If not in a good balance, then consider to focus your personal development on one or more element that create the imbalance.

Message from Plants

The Justice knows his/her truth. It is important for this person to be centred.

The chief is Frankincense for speaking only the truth.
The second chief Laurel adds the sense of pride in the formula.

Two ministers are dedicated to the heart chakra. Symbolising Yang energy is Sunflower, and Yin energy is White Lotus.

The assistant, Vetiver counters the energetic movement of two chiefs and grounds the formula.

Two messengers Juniper Leaf and Agarwood cover crown and root chakras.

Role - Common Name - Latin Name - Family - Parts Used
Chief = Frankincense - Boswellia rivae - Burseraceae - Resin
Chief = Laurel - Laurus nobilis - Lauraceae - Leaves
Minister = Sunflower - Helianthus annuus - Asteraceae - Flower
Minister = White Lotus - Nelumbo nucifera - Nelumbonaceae - Flower
Assistant = Vetiver- Vetiveria zizanioides -Poaceae - Roots
Messenger = Juniper leaf - Juniperus communis - Cupressaceae - Leaves
Messenger = Agarwood/Oud - Aquilaria agallocha - Thymelaeaceae - Wood

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