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23 Delight - 橙香

23 Delight - 橙香

A perfume that improves the relationship with work.

Perfume that inspires hope.

Intention - I will shine the light on my path.

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Scent Character
Brightness, softness, coolness, fun, expansiveness, richness, sweetness

Personalty Traits

Possible Past Condition -
Lack of vision, motivation.

Possible current condition -

Basic fear -
Feeling useless.

Basic inward desire -
Feeling useful and valued.

Basic outward desire -
Appear to be cheerful.

Positive personality characteristic -
Trustworthy, warmth.

Negative personality characteristic -
Simplistic, ungrounded.

This formula supports Solar Plexus and Crown Chakras→

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Explained in Yin-Yang Five Element

Earth of Earth Element - Yang of Yin/Yang Element - Animal Self
Period of personality imprint - From the birth to 21 years, particularly after puberty to youth.

Five Questions (Existential) -
What Do You Do? / What Are You Afraid of?

Five Questions (Metaphorical) -
Q. As a member of a group you must perform a task that is difficult or not to your liking. How do you respond?
A. I will be the light that cheer everyone.
I trust that the nature is inherently giving.

A Few Words about the Condition.

The Earth element is the energy of south. The gift of sunlight. We have our own sun between the third and forth chakra, the solar plexus.

When we are overwhelmed with the task ahead and being stressed, we are not able to digest, and become weak. This becomes the negative cycle.

Message from Plants

This formula brings sunlight to your heart.

Mandarin is the chief. Oranges absorb sunlight, and their fruits become light substituting during darker days.

Honeysuckle is the minister, bringing curious, playful energy.

Violet leaf, Tonka Bean, Fenugreek are the assistants. They are sweet, soft, and comfortable to be with.

Two messengers, Hyssop and Star Anis give the radiating, up and outward energy.

Role - Common Name - Latin Name - Family - Parts Used
Chief = Mandarin - Citrus reticulata - Rutaceae - Fruit peel
Minister = Honeysuckle - Lonicera caprifolium - caprifoliaceae - Flower
Assistant = Violet leaf - Viola odorata - Violaceae - Leaves
Assistant = Tonka Bean - Dipteyx odorata - Fabeaceae -Seed
Assistant = Fenugreek Trigonella foenum - Fabeaceae - Seed
Messenger = Hyssop - Hyssopus officinalis - Lamiaceae - Aerial top
Messenger = Star Anis - Trigonella foenum - Fabeaceae - Seed

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