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26 Flexibility - 柔香

26 Flexibility - 柔香

A perfume that evokes freedom and creativity.

Perfume to take the valley way.

Intention - I will take the path of the least resistance.

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Scent Character
Softness, medicinal, green, acidity, gentle sharpness, freshness, soft earth.

Personalty Traits

Period of personality imprint -
Around 3 years (birth of ego) to 28 years, particularly the period of young adulthood.

Possible Past Condition -
Too many choices and lack of encouragement.

Possible current condition -
Feeling stuck in one position.

Basic fear -
Hardship, mandane.

Basic inward desire -
Seeking variety to explore.

Basic outward desire -
Things to go smoothly

Positive personality characteristic -
Flexible, not fixed on the idea, objective thinker.

Negative personality characteristic -
Give up prematurely.

This formula supports Third Eye and Sacral Chakras→

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Explained in Yin-Yang Five Element

Metal of Wood Element -
Yin of Yang/Yang Element - Animal Self

Period of personality imprint -
From the birth to ego, around 3 years to 28 years. Particularly at young adult stage.

Five Questions (Existential) - What Do You Want?
Five Questions (Metaphorical) -
Q. You've set a goal and walking the path. Suddenly appears a formidable mountain that blocks your way. What would you do?
A. I will find the way around.
Sometimes it is best to not take the risk, or accept that I made the wrong choice.

A Few Words about the Condition

The Earth and the Wood elements are our animal self. We must make our moves to get what we want.
While the Earth controls muscles, the Wood control joints and tendons, meaning it controls the direction.

Then the question is how straight you go, and the quality of your changing the direction.
You can use many adjectives: Sharp, soft, light, heavy....

In the case of "Flexibility", changing one's course like water, taking the path of least resistance. As a river may never reach the summit, but you will certainly reach the ultimate goal, to be one with the ocean.

Message from Plants

This formula consists of plants that are soft and flexible, their ability to adopt to the changing environment.

The chief is Shiso, the Japanese basil can have green or purple leaves. It has sour taste and used as a condiment to clear animalic flavour from the palette.

Two ministers Rosemary and Muhuhu simbolise the purity of water.

Two assistants, Jamrosa and Vetiver are both from rice family. Being that they are grass, their survival depends on being flexible. Jamrosa having tops that can be cut many times without being killed, while vetiver having long and deep roots that resist being pulled out.

The messenger, Dillweed, like Shiso, has sour flavour, but it is from the carrot family. It is not just to adopt to change, but also gives hope.

The other messenger Davana (mugwort family) has a quality to change its scent quality according to who wears it..

Role - Common Name - Latin Name - Family - Parts Used
Chief = Shiso - Perilla frutescens - Lamiaceae - Leaves
Minister = Rosemary - Rosmarinus officinalis - Lamiaceae - Leaves and Branches
Minister = Muhuhu - Brachylaena huillensis - Asteraceae - Wood
Assistant = Jamrosa - Cymbopogon nardus - Poaceae - Leaves
Assistant = Vetiver - Vetiveria zizanioides - Poaceae - Roots
Messenger = Dillweed - Anethum graveolens - Apiaceae - Aerial top
Messenger = Davana - Artemisia pallens - Asteraceae - Aerial top

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