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30 Water Element

30 Water Element

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Water Element's energy begin working shortly after conception and controls water through Kidney and Bladder. It also controls sexual function and build bones. 5 perfumes are created from extreme Yin to extreme Yang. Because Water Element is connected to the earth, we are talking about "home" and how comfortable it is.
"Embrace" is the most Yin, The person choosing this either has comfort, or wanting more comfort.
"Foundation" is Yin and it deals with the earthing. The person choosing this either has a good solid footing or needing one.
"Nurture" is placed in the middle position. It deals with sexual (or primal) energy. Everyone will benefit from strengthening sexual energy. The person choosing this does not have to have any issues.
"Structure" is Yang as it deals with upward energy of Water element. The person choosing this either have enough structural strength and likes it, or needing it.
"Ambition" is the most Yang and it deals with comfort. The person choosing this either the home environment is so uncomfortable that he needs to get out, or get out despite the comfort to be adventurous.

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Water Element is like the ocean, where everything begins and ends.
The theme is home. You can not build one without a solid foundation.
The question is "How are you?"
The emotional challenge is fear of facing life and death.

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