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33 Wood Element

33 Wood Element

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Wood Element's organs are Liver and Gallbladder, and it controls the joint. How you steer yourself to the direction that you want to go is the main theme.
"Recreate" is the most Yin. The person who choose this maybe enjoying the life as it comes, and not be so focus on the goal. When something nice happens he would take a pause, and may even stay awhile, forgetting the goal.
"Flexibility" is Yin. The person who choose this may look for alternative route when going gets touch. This maybe the smartest move instead of doubting his determination.
"Awakening" is the neutral. The person who choose this goes about his business step by step as if it is a meditation.
"Freedom" is Yang. The person who choose this does not subscribe to any standard concept. Rather he would create his own reality.
"Noble" is the most Yang. The person who choose this has the force to be reckoned. Strong drive and determination that would move even a mountain.

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The theme of Wood Element is freedom to create or go where your heart desires. The question is "What do you want?" The emotional challenge manifests as anger which stagnates your energy causing you to overheat.

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