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01 All begins with love.

01 All begins with love.

It all begins with love.
“Who am I?”
This is the eternal question that every man asks, and the short answer to it is “love”.
But “love” is sometimes tricky, and must be uncovered to experience it.
Those who can not love himself can not love others either, and shows distorted way of receiving love.
On the other hand, a narcissist pretends to give love but in fact tries to take more than his share of love there is.
These apply not only in romantic love but in all human relationships inside family, work, etc.

Why were we born where we were?
How did we become who we were?
What is the ultimate purpose of life?
If we are here on earth as a human being strictly by chance, then what triggers each of us to behave so differently when upon the same stimulation was applied?

One way to answer these question is, that we knew subconsciously who we wanted to be before we were born as a baby, and the purpose of life is to remember and to manifest our original true self in the material/three dimensional realm using a set of tools given to us.

A set of tools that we speak of here, can be described with the language of Yin and Yang, and Five Elements. With this language we can speak about the nature of the Universe. Humans, plants, animals, and even minerals are all integral part of One.

We are just a speck of dust in this big Universe, but in this tine speck contains all of its original creation.
Sufi poet Rumi said, “You are not a drop in the ocean, but the whole ocean in a drop”

A Hopi elder said “Life is a great mystery, and we know nothing. So the only thing we can do is to work for the beauty.” “If not you, then who?, and if not now, then when?”

We need to walk our talk.

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