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02 Perfume as Spiritual Medicine

02 Perfume as Spiritual Medicine

What if, a scent can help you with manifesting your highest potential, and to live your life in joy, peace and love?
Aromancy is a journey to find out who you are. The destination is the Universe of Aromatics, guided by your sense of smell and intuition. It is a process work of creating medicinal perfume by borrowing the wisdom of plants, to change what you can, even if you can not change others.

Feel sexy, attractive, and confident! Every year the perfume industry spends millions trying to sell you the promise with their products. No disrespect to professionals who are behind in formulation of scents, setting the trend, and creating the image, but even the best perfume can not mask your insecurities if you do not love yourself.

Do you want to be the best version of yourself? Are you willing to dive deep into self examination, and to find out wherein lies your excesses and shortcomings? Are you open to asking for help to be more aware, more in tuned, and more in love with life?

The best teacher for this task is found literally under your nose.

Your olfactory sense connects directly to the brain’s limbic system where memories are stored and emotions are processed. Experiences are not only of your own, but of the entire Universe.

Plants’ survival wisdom are then directly passed onto us through the olfactory channel to the part of brain that controls our emotion, memory, and instinct. The information in the form of scent travels almost in instant that there is no time for our rational mind to negate the emotion that arises. This means when you like a scent, then your subconscious knows it is good for you. On the other hand, when you dislike a scent, then you would certainly like to avoid it.

The preference to a specific scent is by no means universal. It is dictated by what we are accustomed to in terms of geography, climate, cultural affinity, and personal and inter-personal experiences within the family and the society one belongs. The challenge we face in order to manifest who we truly are, is the gap between what we became due to these influences, especially when we are still in infant stage because we have not built strong defence mechanisms or skills to survive outside of the given boundary.

The intention of Aromancy Perfume Oracle is, first, to use plants’ scents to help you find, or more clearly define yourself. Second, to use them to help you manifest your highest potential, whatever it may be.
This is by no means to say that scents can make you rich and famous, or they will cure a disease. Those are of physical, material realm which require a different set of tools to accomplish. However, in the realm of immeasurable, such as love, joy, happiness etc., a realisation can happen in an instance. It is only that you need to repeat this realisation often enough to sink in to your being. This is the reason to recommend using scents for the purpose of meditation.

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