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07 Five Elements Energetics

07 Five Elements Energetics

The easiest way I found to explain about Five Elements is by using the tap's movement. Five Elements are in fact five directional energy movement.

Living state of tap is when it is spinning.

In order for it to spin, first the bottom tip must be in contact with the ground. This downward energy we call it Water Element.

As the roots reach down ever deeper to reach for water and nutrient, there is the opposite energy upward energy toward the sky. The upward energy we call it Metal Element.

These two energies form the axis which is necessary for spinning.

There are two opposing energy in spinning, centripetal and centrifugal energies.
Centripetal is the energy to bring inside from outside. We call it Earth Element.
Centrifugal is the energy to bring out from inside. We call it Wood Element.

The Fifth Element, Fire is the central point where all other directional energies originate.

Yin-Yang Relationship among Elements.

Water and Metal Elements are positionally below and above, or earth and sky. Therefore Water is Yin as opposed to Metal is Yang.

Earth and Wood Elements' energy direction are inward and outward. Therefore Earth is Yin as opposed to Wood is Yang.

Water and Metal Element which form the axis is relatively still compared to more active Earth and Wood Elements. Therefore Water/Metal is Yin as opposed Earth/Wood is Yang.

Fire Element is positioned in the middle therefore it is innermost Yin, but Fire's energy radiates out, thus also extreme Yang.

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