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20 Perfume Composition

20 Perfume Composition

Each of the 29 Oracle scents is made up of seven botanical essential oils.

Each essential oil has a specific role within the formula. This formula is composed of herbs taken from oriental medicine.

Chief = involved in the most important subject in Formula.

Support the minister = chief and work on the main theme.

Assistant = address secondary or root causes of the theme.

Messenger = Get your message where you need it.

In the perfume industry, the word "note" is used to describe the quality of a scent.

Top note: Refreshing fragrance with uplifting feeling. It's the first scent you feel, but it doesn't last long when applied on the skin. (About 20 minutes to 1 hour)

Also called middle note = heart note, it is often a flower or floral scent. It is a pleasant or pleasant quality. The scent lasts longer than the top notes. (up to 2 hours)

Base note = grounding, relaxing scent. The scent lasts the longest. (4 hours or more)

A perfume should contain the quality of all notes. However, some scent oracles are intentionally heavy at the top or bottom in order to be proportional to the theme.

Chakras are vortices of energy within our bodies and are marked with the name of each essential oil.

7th Chakra = Extends from the top of the brain to the sky. An essential oil that has the property of purifying energy.

6th chakra = 3rd eye. wood elements. An essential oil that enhances concentration.

5th Chakra = Throat. gold element. An essential oil that opens the respiratory system.

4th chakra = heart. element of fire. Flower/Floral Essence.

3rd Chakra = Solar Plexus. earth element. An essential oil that calms, warms, and lightens the mind.

2nd Chakra = Sacrum. water element. A firming and grounding essential oil.

1st Chakra: Extends from the anus to the earth. A heavy and earthy essential oil.

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