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Introducing Aromancy Perfume Oracle


・What is Perfume Oracle?
・What kind of concept is the Perfume Oracle created?
・What kind of function does the Perfume Oracle have?
・How can we use the Perfume Oracle and what can we learn?
・What can you expect from Pe
rfume Oracle?

What is Perfume Oracle?

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The Perfume Oracle is the original concept of Aromancy called Medicinal Perfume*.

The Perfume Oracle is a form of energy communication, much like the Tarot, Astrology and I Ching, and is a tool for gaining knowledge, guidance, messages and inspiration from your Spirit and Higher Self.

What kind of concept is the Perfume Oracle created?

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Aromancy is an aromatherapy concept based on the Taoist Yin-Yang Five Elements.

The Perfume Oracle consists of 29 scents per set.
Five questions related to the five elements of the five elements of Yin and Yang, five answers from the elements of water, metal, earth, and wood: polar yin, yin, middle path, yang, and polar yang, and nine answers from the fire element (Enneagram) expressed in the form of fragrance.
Each scent is a formula composed of 7 botanical essential oils that play roles similar to Chinese herbal formulas.

The Perfume Oracle represents your journey through life from birth to adulthood, as well as your causal, emotional, physical, and mental bodies.
It is also synchronised with the chakra system.

How does the Oracle of Scent work?

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Our sense of smell is directly linked to the limbic system, which controls emotions, memories, instincts, and more.


The olfactory response has a very short time to transmit to the brain, so the answer is true

Our reactions to scents are basically like, dislike, neutral/don't know. Scents that you "like" make you feel safe and secure, while scents that you "dislike" make you feel dangerous, and you may recall good or bad experiences.


These reactions match the story of the plants in their living environment, proving that everyone understands the plant language hidden in scent.


In this way, the Perfume Oracle receives the wisdom of plants' survival and prosperity as messages and inspirations through the sense of smell, and uses them for the growth of our souls.

How can I use the Perfume Oracle and what can I learn?

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The Perfume Oracle can be used in private readings and group sessions, and there are several techniques.

・ Past → present. subconscious. Character judgment, where does the pattern of your behaviour come from?
By trying and selecting all scents, you can know your background and "Who am I?"

・ Present → future. superconscious. Realise your best self.
By using the oracle cards, the superconsciousness works and you receive a message that creates an opportunity to change your behaviour pattern.

・ Matching with others, such as love, family, and work relationships.
Knowing yourself and knowing your partner will help you build better relationships.

What can you expect from the Perfume Oracle?


・ You can learn to trust your intuition and higher self.
・ Escape from childhood trauma and reduce conflicts.
・ Make the most of your unique characteristics.
・ Improve interpersonal relationships and find qualifications within the organisation.
・ You can find your own answers about spirituality.
・ Accept everything and feel the joy of being here now.

The Oracle Reading + Aromancy Session

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Oracle readings not only help us connect with our subconscious mind, but also give us a sense of our connection with the plant kingdom. Based on the results of the reading, it is possible to create your own scent in the Aromancy Session.

The Perfume Oracle Facilitator Program

The Oracle of Fragrance can learn about the client's life experiences, personality, characteristics, etc. in a short time of about 10 minutes on average, and can be used alone or in parallel with existing work in fields such as healing work, consulting, and coaching. It has potential.

All the basic information (the concept of Yin-Yang five elements, five questions, the formula of the scent, the meaning behind it, etc.) for mastering the Oracle of Fragrance is provided on the website and can be freely studied.

Facilitator Program Online


You will learn techniques that can be used in both private and group sessions, such as standard reading, chakra reading, past/present/future.

Get the Oracle set first and try it for yourself, family and friends first.
I will be your reading assistant online. You will be able to read by yourself every time you repeat the number of times.
The number and frequency of sessions will vary depending on experience levels, so we will arrange them according to your wishes.

Facilitator program, face-to-face


Face-to-face programs are conducted in the form of group sessions (monko-kai) and cocoa ceremonies.

Click here for details and application
Bowen Wei, Master of Oriental Medicine, Acupuncture
TEL: 080-2678-5002
Whatsapp: +49 176 7087 2657

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