Aromancy Session Flow 


Greeting. The answer you seek is waiting on the Aromancy Board, so treat it as coming  to a holy space and pose your question or state your case to the plants on board.


Purification. Your therapist will give you the analogy on the theme according to Tao.

(Yin&Yang, Five Element) and help to clarify your thoughts and emotions.


Exploration. Each of 185 Essential oils are given its own place also according to Yin&Yang and Five Elements. You will be testing either at random or by guidance.


Selection Process. As you explore, some plants may provoke a strong reaction or a memory. The therapist will share the story of such plant which may relate or help to recreate your new story. 

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Blending to create a medicinal perfume. Number of oils chosen has the numerological meaning, and each one has its own role in the composition. Use the perfume as an aid to your meditation.