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From India


You can get a girl out of India but can not get India out of a girl…

I met Surabhi in Da Nang, Vietnam. It was a pleasure for me to meet someone from India where so much of aromatic treasures come from, and it was a pleasure to meet an independent Indian girl alone in a foreign country surviving and making statements.

She asked to know what her flow is, and she stated that she is often angry for the injustice being done. She said “once I see it, I can not unsee it”


The session to find out her liking turned out as expected of her origin. She chose Amyris as her Water Element which is similar to Sandalwood, Champaca (Magnolia) as her Fire Element, and Tumeric and Nutmeg from Earth Element. These were all familiar scent of India. The exception was her choice of Samphire as her Metal Element, which has to do with her contact with outside world. As she removed herself out of her comfort zone (which wasn’t so comfortable) she needed a protection but in a gentle way. 


Out of curiosity I created another composition for her, replacing Earth and Metal Elements with Wood Element. Davana is known to change its scent according to who wears it. She reported: You know the other perfume which you made smells like fear and anxiety.  I was sitting in room feeling the way I often feel and then it occurred to me that this is what I want to get rid of...and I used perfume after that it annoyed me so much that I wrote down list of my fears and problem (uncomfortable situations).  It also smells like I was running out of time. 

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