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14 Metal Element

14 Metal Element

Metal Element Time of Imprint: from birth to 14 years old. Strongly influenced at kindergarten/primary school time.

A sprouting seed begins seeking light to grow. Sky is infinite but soon realize that here is the battle ground for the available space. How do you protect yourself against the enemy, that is the challenge.

Air is giving us oxygen, yet there are also lots of toxins. Even if we knew, we can not hold our breath forever.

As Plants receives CO2 that we exhale, and gives us oxygen, this giving and receiving is fundamental to life. However everyone is on survival mode, and only busy taking energy from others.

The Emotional Aspect of Metal Element

The theme is giving and receiving. Unfulfilled expectation leads to feeling of “sadness”. Problems are most often rooted in actions and attack by parents, relatives, siblings and other people near and dear. When you are not receiving a proper space to express, you develop hindrance in speaking ability.

The Physical Aspect of Metal Element

Lung, Large Intestine. Metabolic function. Importance of elimination especially breathing out. Otherwise develops respiratory and skin issues.

The Spiritual Theme of Metal Element: Let go and move on

Your response to experiences are imprint that stays for a long time.
You will find aggressive type, passive ones, or instigative ones and so on.

In actual life, Water and Metal elements’ “handicaps” are compensated by actions of Earth and Wood elements, thus people often forget. However if you revisit these period to resolve issues, meaning “let go and move on”, then you will do the karma cleansing not only for yourself becomes a gift for the next generation.

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