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25 Other Oracle Reading Method

25 Other Oracle Reading Method

Just as there are many spreads that can be used with tarot cards, perfume oracles are also flexible.

Our intuitive and subconscious knowledge is so sharp that we don't even need to smell perfume to receive a message.

Similar to the "Daily Pick" where you receive a single message, you can select 2 or 3 messages for an equally in-depth reading.

If you choose two, one could be the 'positive side' and the other the 'negative side', or the 'lower self' and the 'higher self', and so on. Once you've made your selection, read the description, experience/meditate your senses, and discuss/share.

Similarly, you can select three and do the same. If you have three, you can represent "past", "present", "future", or "heart", "lower self", "higher self", etc.

These methods extend the use of the perfume oracle from individual readings to group sessions.

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